Decluttering & Organizing Services

Hourly fee.
Flat fee for larger projects.
Free 1 hour in-home consultation.

Out of clutter, find simplicity.

At Oddopolis, we believe in creating comfortable, inviting, cool spaces that reflect who you are. That starts with clearing away clutter— what you no longer use or love.  Clutter stresses us out, blocks creativity, and eats away at our time. Clearing clutter creates space for possibility, and transforms how you feel and live.

We approach decluttering not as getting rid of stuff, but rather keeping only what you know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. This way it isn’t processed as painful or a chore; it is freeing and fun. 

Once the clutter is removed from your home, we make sure every item you decide to keep has a place and is easily accessible. Returning those items to their places as soon as you are done using them is key. You will no longer spend too much of your lives “cleaning” or feeling like your place is a mess.  Everything will have a purpose and a place. You’ll love home, and it will be yours.


Oddopolis works with online stores like Poshmark and Bookscouter, and consignment shops like Ina and Beacon’s Closet to turn your used items into brand-new money.


There is no such things as “away” when we throw anything away.  From donations to textile recycling with Wearable Collections, we are committed to diverting no longer loved items from the landfill.


Design & Renovation Services

Flat fee based on project.
Free 1 hour in-home consultation.


Tell the story of you.

At Oddopolis, we believe home should be a reflection of the people who live inside.  Whether styling a room or renovating our home, our focus is on how the space feels and functions.  We take pride in capturing the vibe of our clients and how they live.

We approach our projects with a collaborative, roll-up-our sleeves spirit, asking questions and making the most of what is already there.  

We champion decluttering, but we are not minimalists. We create spaces that tell a story, have some history and a soul. You can have layered spaces that still present simplicity. It’s about mixing highs and lows, the new with the old and being able to live comfortably in the spaces. 

Our curated aesthetic feels warm and unpretentious. Effortless interiors that always looks inviting with an element of surprise and never feel decorated or dated. They feel like home.